HackGame3 v3.1by ChauRocks

raggedyaura's time record

raggedyaura at finished all levels of HackGame3 in 6 minutes and 56 seconds. Here is the detail:

Level nameTime spent
1. Beware your URL3″
2. Avoid parameter modification of sensible data11″
3. Modify your default credentials3″
4. Remove comments before publishing your website7″
5. Avoid client-side-only validation11″
6. JavaScript hiding technique27″
7. Avoid blocking only by client-side18″
8. Reverse engineering102″
9. Error message leak21″
10. Error status leak78″
11. Timing leak16″
12. Cookie information leakage72″
13. Bypass the user-agent limitation25″
14. Bypass the language limitation12″
15. Beware of IP address spoofing10″